Are We Headed In The Right Direction?

This country certainly has the ability to head in the right direction. However, I see that happening only if the majority of legal citizens change our current path and start aggressively fighting back to regain control of our great nation.
Most Americans have remained complacent, hanging in the jungle of life’s daily routine, with hands over ears, eyes, and mouths. Meanwhile, we have lost freedoms, jobs, savings, world respect, our economy is in the tank, foreign investors are swooping down like vultures, and we continue to have men and women die in an unending war.
We’ve sat back in our recliners watching our flat screen televisions and allowed the ultra rich, big corporations along with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to dictate their policies to members of the Senate, Congress and the White House. Piece by piece we are selling our country to the highest bidder. So my question is really simple…would someone please tell me, who in this government is actually looking out for the average American?
Ruling by fear is a catalyst for pillaging billions of our tax dollars. Whenever groups speak of health care, job creation and security, housing, equitable taxes, and equality in general, then the drum beat and scare tactic of “Socialism” rears its head.
It seems as though the political zealots on both sides of the aisle have and are becoming more fanatical. Lines are deeply drawn in the sand. It is becoming an all or nothing approach in resolving issues that affect all of us. There is a mentality of, “you’re either with us or against us”, and not much in between. If you speak up against a certain issue then brace yourself for the name calling that will ensue. Some of this may be the result of mega news organizations controlling, not only their markets, but their own bias in what and how the news is reported and how it fits into their own agenda. We are bombarded with rhetoric on a daily basis.
We need to start forcing politicians to listen to the people and not the almighty dollar. Oil, gas, electric, drug, and insurance companies shouldn’t be forming policies behind closed governmental doors. All you need do is ask any employee of these companies, how many times a pre-printed form letter, lobbying for a certain cause, has been placed on their desk asking for their signature?
I believe if an individual is going to be employed in state or federal government then upon acceptance of their position they should be required to sign a waiver stating they will never be employed (in any capacity) with a lobbyist firm. It is illegal to have insider information when trading stocks and it should be illegal to have an inside edge when forming policy within the government.
Somewhere we’ve lost our way. We claim to be religious, but yet we sanction torture. We’ve thrown habeas corpus to the wind. Prisoners are flown to foreign countries and held in detention camps for years. We’re shielding phone companies from lawsuits for spying on Americans. There is a “Think Tank” in this country that dictates profits over people and that needs to cease today!

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