This is from Divided We Fail

Grandmother raising grandchildren lost insurance after divorce

Despite working two jobs, Jane R. of Kalamazoo, MI, has been unable to afford health care insurance after her divorce.
Jane writes:

I would like to speak about the stress that not having health insurance puts on my life. I was married and had health insurance for many years through my ex’s job. Now after divorcing I have no insurance, I work 2 jobs but I can’t get insurance through them and I can’t afford to buy insurance on my own, so I worry constantly about it.

I am 58 years old and have saved some money for retiring (these days that looks farther and farther off), but I worry that I will need expensive medical care and it will wipe out what money I have managed to save. I am legal guardian to my young grandsons; thank goodness they are eligible for Medicaid. I worry about them if I should need surgery or something.

We live very frugally and are proud of going it on our own, I don’t want to be “bailed out” by the government, I want to buy insurance on my own but until it is affordable there is no way it will fit into the budget.

Remind Congress who this fight is all about or share your own health care story with us.

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