The East Coast Braces For Irene

The wrath of Mother Nature is about to be felt by the eastern coast of the United States. If you live in the path of this storm I hope you are prepared and remain safe. The most frightening things in life are those that are unknown. The motto of the Boy Scouts of America is to “Be prepared.” I’m ready, but are you?

Question of the Day: Is Reality TV Ruining Contributing to our Downfall as a Society?

Personally, I think we have lost our moral compass as a society and there are many factors contributing to our demise. Reality TV is far from entertaining when it promotes stupidity, hedonism, instant gratification, rudeness, filthy language, sleazy, amoral behavior and the promotion of immediate wealth without the criteria of education, training or life experiences.

I would love to start an open dialogue on the pros and cons of Reality TV.  Please leave your comments if you feel this is a discussion worth having. I think we need to pull the plug on aggrandizing this form of entertainment. What do you think?

Dennis L. Page



Family Sunday

There were no malls and Sunday Blue Laws prevented stores from opening. Church, a drive in the country and an aroma of a roast in the oven wafting through the kitchen represented “Family Sundays.”

Playing outside was preferred considering we only had three television stations. Street ball or football in the backyard was our sport of choice. We didn’t venture far from home because we never wanted to be late for dinner. We dined as a family unit and sometimes even in the dinning room. Later we watched “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

Oh I miss the warmth of “Family Sunday.”