Breaking News No New Jobs Added In August

It really came as no surprise, especially when there are two groups who have wanted nothing but failure for President Obama. So the news of the day didn’t startle me in the least. The United States came out with the August jobs report and lo and behold there wasn’t a net gain in employment figures.

They’ve all said it. The Tea Party, the Republican Party, Mitch McConnell, Michele Bachmann….all of them made it clear their goal was to make Barak Obama a one term president and it is obvious they didn’t care what happened to this country in the process.  So now we have the month of August which reflected 31 days of no real net gain in employment. This news is coming just days after we learned that many Chief Executive Officers of corporations in American have a salary greater than the amount of taxes their companies have paid. Now isn’t that an interesting little fact? If the corporate tax structure is so prohibitive in this country, why haven’t these corporations moved their headquarters to other countries? Personally, I am outraged that General Electric, Boeing, Exxon-Mobil, Citigroup and Bank of America paid zero dollars in federal taxes.

If anything, the party of “NO” has been successful in blocking nearly every major issue President Obama has presented. We’ve experience no real economic growth, no increase in new construction, no significant improvement in job creation, no new projects surrounding our infrastructure and naturally, no increase in taxes on the ultra wealthy or corporations. Of course, I hold the Democratic Party responsible, as well, for permitting this to happen. The Democrats have never been known for their backbone to fight as one solid unit and consequently, the Republicans who have mastered the one theme, one agenda mantra, walk all over them. Since Ted Kennedy passed away, the Democrats have run “Helter Skelter” and act as individuals, rather than as a party. Accordingly, the collective clout of the Democratic Party is diminished to nothing more than wimpy whining and the Tea Party, along with the Republicans have seized the current climate and taken the aggressive road to ruination for the middle class and poorer Americans.

Interestingly enough, one of America’s wealthiest men, Warren Buffett, with a net worth of just under $50 billion called for a tax increase on the wealthy. How dare this honorable man make such a dastardly comment? Mr. Buffett pointed out how employees in his office pay a much higher percentage in taxes then he does. Wow….those truthful comments inflamed the Koch Brothers, FOX News and the Right Wing spin machines. They are tearing into this great philanthropist like sharks on feeding frenzies, in an attempt to discredit the man and his life’s works.

Whatever President Obama proposes for jobs growth will fail. It will fail because you can not create new employment opportunities of any significance without increased revenues and the Right Wing have made it abundantly clear they are the prostitutes of billionaires and corporate America. Consumers do not spend money when the economy is weak and unemployment is high. Conversely, corporations are raking in record profits with CEOs earning obscene incomes and benefits packages, yet they refuse to hire new staff. So good luck on your speech Mr. President, but be prepared when you receive criticism on every new idea you present. Remember, there are those in this country that wanted you without a job before you even occupied the White House.


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