Herman Cain the Angry Parent

Is it just me or do others feel as though we are constantly being scolded by Herman Cain? “What part of no don’t you understand?” sounds like something from an angry parent lecturing their young child on something they have done wrong. Well, here’s a news flash Mr. Cain….the voting public are adults who are merely seeking a viable and strong candidate for president and not a cantankerous, grumpy and pugnacious parent in their sixties talking down to the rest of us.

“Excuse me” spoken in a condescending manner, coupled with thumb pressed to index finger and stir in “end of story” and now you have served up a steaming pot of crab legs ready to crack open. A reporter simply inquires if they may ask a question. A snappish Mr. Cain curtly replies “no!” “Don’t even go there” barks the candidate. “I’m not going to talk about that anymore,” he again replies in a bristling and exasperated tone to news reporters’ questions. After all, Herman apparently is of the impression he is the older alpha male in the room. He has removed the belt from his pants and is waiting to strike and give anyone a whipping if they dare question his authority. Quite frankly, this man scares the living daylights out of me.

There is an old saying that respect is earned and not given away. Being ornery and argumentative prove to me that Cain is definitely not ready for the White House. Like so many others in the race to be a leader of this country Herman Cain has certainly exhibited his share of faux pas along the campaign trail. He likens his lack of foreign policy to his days at Godfather’s and learning how to make pizza. Is he Serious? Then there is the comment about China wanting to have nuclear weapons. Hello Mr. Cain I have a news bulletin for you. China has had nuclear weapons since 1964. Hasn’t he read any newspapers in the last 47 years?

When addressing immigration Cain being ever so belligerent barks that he would build a 20 foot. high fence around our borders with electrified barbed wire and a sign reading “it can kill you.” The next day we were all chastised as Americans who had lost their sense of humor because he was obviously joking. Wow, if that is Herman’s idea of a joke then let me be the first to build a fence to keep him away from me.

Something very troubling about the sexual harassment case and an issue the media really hasn’t handled too clearly is the fact a settlement was made with one of the alleged victims. To me this is representative of Cain’s hand (no pun intended) in the settled lawsuit.

Herman Cain has been married for 43 years, has three children and grandchildren and yet I haven’t even seen a picture of any of them, let alone witness them on the campaign trail. Maybe the reason we don’t see any family members is because they refuse to be around the smoking campaign manager. I’m being facetious, of course, but come on was that an advertisement for Cain or RJ Reynolds?

Personally, I will not vote for a seething, antagonistic and pontificating candidate for president. No Mr. Cain, I am not your child and you certainly are not in a position to discount questions from an inquiring nation regarding the type of character you really are.

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