Misguided Morality in American Politics

“In God we trust” is clearly labeled on U.S. coins. In the Pledge of Allegiance we proudly proclaim in part, “One nation under God.” As Americans we adore Irving Berlin’s patriotic song “God Bless America.” Although we advocate the separation of church and state, in reality the two are intertwined. How many times do we say, “For the love of God and country?”


Let’s start by looking at the pro life movement and their attempt to reverse Roe v Wade. On its face “Pro life” sounds morally honorable. However, the majority should not be forced to swallow what people with tunnel vision surrounding their religious beliefs wish to impose on a society. A woman is raped or a child sexually molested and these “Right to lifers” would rather the victims be traumatized even more by requiring their attacker’s baby to be carried full term? Where is the morality in that decision?


Is it morally correct to embrace capital punishment? How many innocent people have been executed because of over zealous prosecutors and detectives who forced a confession through long, tiresome and aggressive questioning and then once a conviction has been rendered, refuse to look at new DNA evidence? Is this viewpoint ethical and moral? In fairness though, the topic of capital punishment is addressed through state laws and not the federal government and personally, I think that is a smart move.


When it comes to health care, ask yourself if all life is sacred and then pick your political side of the aisle regarding health care reform. Each individual and family has their own set of circumstance in life. Some hard working folks have either lost their health insurance coverage, or because the cost is so outrageously prohibitive they can no longer afford to keep it. Then there are those who are unemployed and most certainly they don’t carry health insurance. Accordingly, if your political views are pro life, then naturally, you would agree that all people should receive the same medical treatment. Can one argue it is morally correct to not value all humans as equals?  Is it ethical to medically treat one ailing child and not another because of a lack of insurance?


Businesses neither have the desire nor the motivation to self regulate their respective industries. All one need do is look at our polluted lakes, streams, wells, rivers, soil and forests to know that lax regulations do not work for the betterment of our country. Are company profits over the health and safety of the citizenry morally and ethically just?


Republican candidates for president most assuredly will not be elected to the highest office of the land without the endorsement of the evangelical conservative right. God’s values (according to their interpretation) wrapped in the American flag is what really stirs the passions in this group. With that in mind, it is reassuring to know that Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain have all been “Called by God,” to run for president. I feel so blessed knowing these fine people have had a calling. Okay, so there was a little sarcasm in my comment.


There are many who want only marriage between a man and a woman recognized as legal, citing the Bible’s teachings. If we want to use their logic then in reality marriage would be between a man and several women because numerous wives are mentioned throughout the Bible.


I am a Christian, having been raised Protestant. However, my religious beliefs in no way trump the beliefs of any other group or sect. I was raised to believe we are all equal and all entitled to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what your sexual preference, religion, skin color, nationality or socioeconomic circumstance.


The Tea Party and right wing movement are first to claim they do not want judges legislating from the bench, yet it is a right wing Supreme Court that legislates in their favor. After all, it is this same court that declared corporations as people in order to tip the scale of election fairness in the direction of Wall Street, banks, the ultra wealthy and big business. Dear God, corporations are run with only one main emphasis and that is profit. Excessive profit is gluttony. Corporate America is not moral America and that statement you can take to the bank. Oops, correction. Please take it to the credit union instead.


Written By: Dennis L. Page


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