We’re So Lucky

“We’re so lucky,” my wife reminds me on a daily basis. She lives in an attitude of gratitude and has shown me how to be more appreciative of the gifts around that I normally took for granted. I am blessed to walk in her shinning light. For you see, my wife is the beacon that steered a lost ship to the safety of the harbor.


While there are many people, places and things I am truly grateful for, my newest and most favorite was the day I haphazardly fell upon ViewsHound. How did I get so lucky to find such a wonderful writing venue? Like the lost ship described above, I had floundered for years in a sea of various writing sites, never really being comfortable with any of them. Some promised much more than they could deliver, while others simply lack decorum, skillful authors, and quite honestly, a lazy atmosphere of quantity content versus quality in a halfhearted attempt to gain views and search engine optimization. My writing vessel was taking on water and the bilge pump was clogged with plagiarism. Then there is ViewsHound. This is a site to be praised and one to be exceptionally proud to call my new home. The writing environment here is exceptional as are the wonderfully expressive authors and yes, equally expressive comments. We’re so lucky to all be gathered here together.


The parched throat of an author is quenched with the recognition of the work they have given their readers. I am the lucky recipient of being exposed to so many glorious, descriptive, time sensitive, sad, humorous and feel good stories. Many days, after drinking in the words from souls whom I’ve never met, I am literally left sitting in a daze with my head spinning from the potpourri of emotions which have been told so eloquently. Many people didn’t write seriously for most of their lives. Others have written daily journals for as long as they can remember. Then there are those who have written a few stories here and there and all of a sudden it is as if  Houdini himself waved his magic wand…poof…the writer magically pulls the rabbit out of their creative hat and they end up handing the viewer a prized piece of literature.


To me, writing with the ability of formulating a common thread of thought, along with a process of events is an art form. Not only do I appreciate the art of words and stories, I too get one kick in the pants out of telling my own tales of hope, laughter, love and even woe. It is the reader and responder that fill my sails with the soft breeze to glide my sailboat across the gentle waters, which in turn, spurs me on to newer adventures. By and large our ViewsHound community is one of encouragement and motivation. We have a tendency here to make others think and to choose their remarks tactfully and thoughtfully, ever vigilant of the feelings the author has tried to convey. I think, by and large we are a courteous group because we value what is at our perspective doorsteps and none of us wants to pull the “Welcome mat” away. I’m reminded of my mother saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Admittedly, there are certain topics that strike a nerve or an outrage in me and try as I might to reply to these, sometimes I just have to click the back arrow and move on. That’s okay though due to the 99.9% more I will enjoy reading. This is such a diverse group that there is something for everyone and for that we are all lucky.


The marina of authors is jammed with inflatable rafts, rowboats, sailboats, speed boats and cabin cruisers and our common bond is the ebb and flow of experiences and talent shown to us on a daily basis. Thank you writers and thank you ViewsHound. May everyone have a healthy, prosperous, happy and creative New Year and remember one thing…”We are so lucky!”

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