Storm of The New Millenium

This poem talks about storms that face us in today’s world. There are hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, but what about our inner storms?

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The storm….she was brewing….with a ferocity we never knew

The storm….she was coming….through darkness there would be no morning dew

The storm….she was so evil….Cyclopes eye was glaring, yet his lips were a grin

The storm….she was moving….and soon chaos would set in

The storm….was what he brought….no sex need apply

The storm….he gleamed….as he made all look to the sky

The storm….they mocked us….with tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods

The storm….He warned….it spills all of our bloods

The storm….the world exclaimed….will spare us for sure

The storm….the masses soon learned….would leave its aftermath impure

The storm is around us and it circles our heads

The storm takes no prisoners as it sucks us out of our homes and our beds

The storm….the globe quivered….as it shook to and fro

The storm….the masses screamed….its ferocity we do not want it to show

The storm of biases, hatred, intolerance and sin

The storm is each of us in our battles within

The storms that come are vicious and evil

Our personal storms bring families too much upheaval

The storms of life are still brewing, they come at any hour

The storms troubles will be lessened just turn them over to a Higher Power

Storms can be demons that arrive on any day

So shelter your storms, turn to God and pray!

Written By: Dennis L. Page

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