Have you ever attended a clambake? Do you like seafood? Do you enjoy having a plate full of crustaceans? Were you exposed to the succulent goodness of chowders, lobster, mussels, clams, crab cakes, shrimp, oysters and crab legs? If you answered, “No” then I offer my condolences because I love it all with a passion.

As a child, I recall the utter shock while observing my dad and his friends consume unimaginable amounts of clams. Of course, they needed to do the preparation of melted butter and homemade cocktail sauce before the feeding frenzy commenced. “How can people eat that disgusting stuff?” I asked myself. As a boy, I did enjoy lobster tails, haddock, and freshwater fish, but the thought of sucking down a clam or oyster turned my stomach. Then I grew up and my taste buds exploded with new found delights.

Not far from where I attended high…

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