The Dark Cloud of Criminals


Would someone please explain what possesses some to live a life of crime? Why are so many free from feelings of guilt surrounding their heinous actions? What causes such anger? Why are we vilifying educators and higher education and not exploring the underlying causes of a morally inept society due to bad parenting, no parenting, economics, environment, drugs, alcohol, mental illness or simply a blatant and flagrant lack of morals? I ask myself these questions daily and yet, I have no answers.

Most likely you’ve heard about bands of teenagers going around and attacking unsuspecting victims in what authorities have labeled the “Knockout Game.” Why do certain segments of society derive pleasure in causing pain and even death to others? To me, it is unthinkable to maim an elderly person simply to steal their purse or Social Security money. What possible joy can one derive from beating a homeless person? I am miffed by the actions of someone who willingly robs a pizza delivery person or a cab driver. We’ve all seen the stories of a convenience store or gas station being robbed for a six-pack of beer and a carton of cigarettes and my standard reaction is the same. Are these criminals that desperate that they are willing to risk their freedom for such small spoils? I also find it amazing how a crook who steals $100 gets sent to prison for years, while the embezzler who has taken thousands of dollars is given a verdict of probation, restitution and community service, with a conditional discharge.


I can’t imagine the fear and helplessness felt during a home invasion. What gives someone the idea it is okay to take from those who work and struggle in this world, simply because the perpetrator is high on meth or heroine? I want to scream, “GET A JOB! GET SOME EDUCATION AND TRAINING! GET SOME DAMN RESPONSIBILITY! YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO TAKE FROM THOSE WHO EARN THEIR WAY IN LIFE!”

As a small boy, I was nearly assaulted while sitting in a car waiting for my aunt and uncle who were picking up a few things in the grocery store. It was a hot summer night when I noticed the large, drunk and ogre looking man eyeing me. He reached out with his big paws like a grizzly bear. Electric car windows didn’t exist in those days. Frantically, I rolled up the windows in the back seat of the car. He was circling the vehicle with a constant focus on me and the look of a monster. I jumped into the front seat and secured the driver’s window. In a panic, I slid across the front seat to roll up the passenger’s window when the man reached in to grab me. My little arms turned the window lever at lightning speed. I rolled the window up on the man’s fingers and held onto that lever for dear life. A cab driver noticed the commotion and pulled the man away from me and the car. I can only imagine my fate had he been successful in his pursuit of me. Needless to say, I was so petrified that I ended up losing my voice for three days.

I also don’t understand crimes of passion. What would ever make someone want to murder an ex-spouse or lover because that person doesn’t want them anymore? For crying out loud…move on and leave the other person alone.

Whenever my wife goes to a meeting, the store or the credit union I always make a mental note of what she is wearing and always remind her to be aware of her surroundings. It is unfortunate, but we cannot have a cavalier attitude about our safety anymore. We now live in a world of constant vigilance and must never let our guard down.

Written By: Dennis L. Page

14 thoughts on “The Dark Cloud of Criminals

      1. I don’t understand it either bit after being burgled almost 2 years ago now I’ve realised how many happen so how many are out there thieving for a living. How can you bring up a family with that kind of dishonesty at the heart of it. No kind of example for your children.

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      2. I am sorry for the intrusion into your life due to a burglary. I can’t grasp the concept of feeling entitled to steal from those who contribute to society in order to feed laziness or addictions. Perhaps I have my head buried in the sand. -sigh-

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  1. “It is unfortunate, but we cannot have a cavalier attitude about our safety anymore. We now live in a world of constant vigilance and must never let our guard down.”

    How I agree, how I sadly agree. To your question I have no answer. I am also clueless about what matter on those criminal minds.

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  2. I also have no answers regarding their motivation to take from others or to harm innocent victims. It seems the older I get the more I realize I have more questions than answers.


  3. The drug issue is out of control. I worked with drug addicts for a couple of years. They came from nice, educated, middle class homes much wealthier than my upbringing. But there is literally nothing that an addict won’t do to get high. The expression selling your soul to the devil aptly applies.

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    1. Heroine and meth are out of control in this country. You are correct about addiction…it crosses all socio-economic classes. We even had a seasoned deputy sheriff who taught college level courses at our local college die of a heroine overdose just a few years ago. So sad and yet, extremely troubling too.

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      1. Oh, absolutely. I grew up, we didn’t have to lock doors, we had no fences, life was great. Now in the identical neighbourhood and all over for that fact, everything is barred up, high walls, electric fences, security gates – it is crazy.

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