Reactions to Presidential Candidates Coming to Visit


Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a candidate for president of the United States come to your house if your children were home? Although many may view this with excited anticipation, I, on the other hand, look at it with trepidation.

If John Kasich came to a house party he would most likely be the guy who respectfully gets his drink, goes to the living room, sits in a corner chair with a side table and lamp on low and begrudgingly waits until his wife tells him it is time to leave. Although a cordial guest, John really doesn’t want to be there pressing the flesh and sharing nonsensical stories. He half-smiles at your children.

If Donald Trump showed up at your house for a pool party, he would arrive in a chauffeured driven limousine, donning dress shorts, a silk shirt and an ascot. Donald would ask for a lemonade with little ice. Keep your young daughters far, far away from him.

Should Hillary Clinton come to your house party make sure to hide the wooden spoon. The last thing you want at a party is the older lady in a pantsuit scolding your children for running around and acting like kids.

Ted Cruz is the person you didn’t want to invite to your home, but a friend made you feel guilty if you didn’t ask him. Once Ted arrives you vigilantly make sure none of your children sit on his lap.

If Bernie Sanders comes to your house for a get together you can rest assured he will be hospitable and thankful that someone thought enough to ask the old guy to join in on the festivities. The kids love “grandpa Bernie” and everyone laughs during question and answer games because Bernie’s arms are always raised.

Five presidential candidates are currently seeking office.  Which of these five would you want in your home and around your children?

Written by Dennis L. Page