Pet Peeves


Dennis L. Page

As 2016 winds down I want to make sure I wipe my slate clean for 2017. Yes, I’m fully aware of the turmoil and seriousness of the day. However, there are still those pet peeves that act as little pin pricks into our daily lives and routines.

Many of my irritants occur in the supermarket. If we want to look at a lack of social skills and courtesy then all one need do is observe the behavior of shoppers in a grocery store. From the time we pull into the parking lot until the moment we exit we are assaulted with the “I’m oblivious to you and obviously more important than you” attitude of some.

We diligently make our grocery lists, place our reusable bags in the car and off we go. Driving into the store’s parking lot we finally find the perfect spot. Lo and behold someone was too lazy to return the shopping cart to the cart return and instead left it straddling the line between two parking spots.

The Leaner:  We encounter the leaner almost immediately upon entering the store. The leaner’s arms are crossed and they have a full-body lean on the cart’s handlebar. It is nearly impossible to get around these people because their movements are slow and deliberate weaving ever so gently from left to right.

The Jogger: The jogger doesn’t have a cart. Instead, they rely on their arms or a hand basket as they dart hither and yon at lightning speed nearly knocking unsuspecting shoppers over who happen to be in their path. They offer no apologies because they are totally unaware of our existence.

The Grabber: The grabber is one of the most unapologetic shoppers. They reach above, below, and to either side of you all while acting as though you are invisible. When this happens to me I loudly respond, “EXCUSE ME!”

The Shopping Cart NASCAR Driver: There is no caution flag for these speedsters.  They attempt to set new course records and heaven help anyone who enters onto their private race track. They use their carts as deadly weapons and will crash into the back of your ankles if you stop to look at an item on the shelf.

The Talker: The talker is the person hopelessly connected to their cell phones. Apparently everything is important and nothing can wait until they exit the supermarket. Last week I actually had to ask a woman to move who had planted herself up against the milk coolers as she leisurely spoke with someone on the phone. There is also the person who has their phone on speaker and yells while talking. I’ve lost track of the number of times I have attempted to answer their questions only to realize they were speaking with someone else on the other end of their phone.

Be nice and polite to your cashier. These people are there to help you checkout quickly and effortlessly. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind and no one is any better than anyone else.

As we move into 2017 let’s all take a step back and pause. Be thoughtful of those around you and don’t race through life with blinders on acting as though you are the only important person to walk the face of this earth.

Finally, may you all have a happy holiday! You see, much to the chagrin of some, there never was a war on Christmas.