Dreams Provide an Eye Opening Perspective

Do you remember your dreams? Are you open to interpreting the movie that played out in your sleep? Or, when you wake up do you simply go about your day without even thinking about the dream you experienced.

I am fascinated by my dreams. Subconsciously, things and events which may be troubling me will eventually play out in my mind. It is like an unwritten diary, of sorts. The fun begins in the morning when I attempt to decipher and break down exactly what transpired while I was off in lullaby land. Last night’s dream involved many issues including, religious freedom, racism, control, suppression, violence, and the denial of basic liberties.

There was fear, mayhem,IMG_0849 and chaos in the streets. People were running for their lives. No one was immune from the wrath of the oppressors. I was huddled with several others in a kitchen. We had the window curtain askew and were peeking at the Middle-Eastern men yelling and racing through the streets with swords and rifles. I don’t know if this terrorist group was Isis or the Taliban, but they were definitely zealots with an agenda of either death or life if we followed their religious beliefs.

Extreme anxiety had enveloped the crowd as they attempted to flee the deadly attackers. Knowing that it would only be a matter of time before we were captured, tortured and eventually murdered, I made my escape. I was caught up in a group of others who were rushing. We didn’t know where we were heading. The only thing we were certain of was our imminent demise if we got captured. I recall with vivid clarity how many of us stood out from those Middle-Eastern men. You see, we were all Caucasians. In any event, I found a police car with the keys in the ignition and jumped into it. Shaking uncontrollably I sped off in a cloud of dirt. I was headed in the opposite direction of all the pandemonium when I awoke.

My dream gave me just a slim glimpse what people of color must feel like in a crowd of judgmental white people. Additionally, religious freedom should be exactly that. No government or ruling party should impose secular beliefs or tenets on an entire society. Furthermore, we should all be constantly on our guard regarding the loss of our rights and freedoms.

Yes, this was a nightmare, but even more alarming is knowing these things really do occur on a daily basis. That is the harsh absoluteness of having a bad dream.

Dennis L. Page