Stop the Insanity

Imagine working for one of the best employers in the country and they offer a benefit package more outstanding than any other employer. The only way these rich benefits could get any better is if you were entitled to receive them even though you no longer were in their employ.

A glaring example of wasteful spending in Washington, DC was on display during the State of the Union Address. Our former one term U.S. Representative was seated with the Republicans of Congress on the House floor. She served only two years and was voted out of office and yet, she was still there in Washington.

Our politicians love to preach to their constituents about the evils of entitlements. However, they are the most entitled people in America. Here is a short list of their perks, even if they were only in office for two short years:

Lifetime access to the floor of the chamber they served.

Free lifetime access to the members only dinning rooms.

Free lifetime access to the Capitol’s wellness center and gym.

Free lifetime access to all the parking garages used by House and Senate members.

Free lifetime access to reserved parking spots at Washington, DC airports.

Free lifetime access to a dedicated congressional call desk connected to the major airlines giving them the ability to reserve a seat on multiple flights, but only pay for the flight they boarded.

The potential to receive lifetime health insurance benefits. Although members of Congress must purchase insurance through the Affordable Care Act, they do receive a federal subsidy of 72% off their premiums.

If a member of Congress dies while in office, their family will receive a payout equal to one year’s salary…$174,000…per the Congressional Institute. Conversely, the families of military personnel killed in action receive a death benefit of $100,000 regardless of their length of service.

It’s obvious there is a lot of money to be made which encourages influence and power in Washington. That’s the catalyst for spending millions and millions of dollars to elect/reelect our House and Senate politicians who are only scheduled to be in session 121 days for 2019. Both political parties have managed to pad their pockets and enrich their lives on the backs of the American workers and taxpayers.

The next time you hear one or more of these DC fat-cats demonize our Social Security or Medicare remind them that we earned our benefits and they are the guilty party of entitlements for a job that can eventually pay up to $174,000 per year for 121 days of work.

Dennis L. Page