What I Want People To Know About Me


I’m fortunate to belong to a writing group that offers a different topic each week. This week the site offered three different topics we could explore. I opted for the above title because it forced me to think how I would respond.

What I Want People To Know About Me…

Quite frankly, my life is not an open book for everyone to have access to and dissect what I want others to know about me.

The best friend I ever had…our friendship lasted over 40 years…died unexpectedly one month ago. We knew everything about each other and had no secrets. We knew about our relationships, both past and present and we knew all about career choices and the stupid stuff we did in our lives. We never judged each other and instead, our bond grew out of the respect we had for our candidness.

I don’t divulge a lot about myself to acquaintances. You see, there is a comfort zone we reach with our close friends because we are aware of how they will act and react to what we share with them. I guess it boils down to who we can and cannot trust. Perhaps it is why I classify myself as an introverted extrovert. For instance, if I’m with a group of people I have the ability to carry on conversations with almost anyone, no matter what their level of education, occupation or station in life. You see, I know a little about a lot and that gives me the confidence to skim the surface of a myriad of topics. However, once the conversation becomes more detailed I simply smile, nod my head and then make a hasty retreat.

Here are some things I’m at ease sharing in this forum:

I love gardening. I am the closest to my Higher Power when my hands are in the soil and I move earthworms from one spot to another.

I’m a passionate home cook who also enjoys doing grocery shopping. Creating homemade meals is not only satisfying but has made me a critic of many restaurants. I’m quite fussy about the quality of food served in eating establishments. Of course, cooking creates many dirty pots, pans and dishes. You may be surprised that I am content is washing dishes. As a matter of fact, I find this duty relaxing as I slip into a form of meditation.

I’m an avid reader. My preferences are mysteries, drama, nonfiction, and history. My least favourite thing to read is poetry. To me, poetry is similar to looking at a Picasso painting. In other words, it is just too hard for me to figure out.

I’m an ardent writer and have actually had some of my stories published in a magazine distributed through Barnes & Noble. I write in the vernacular without using $10.00 words.

I despise racism and prejudices. I subscribe to a philosophy of live and let live. I also believe what people do in their bedroom is their business and it doesn’t adversely affect me.

This was an interesting subject to explore and although I didn’t tip my hat too much, I think many of you will now know more about me than you used to.

Dennis L. Page